In light of Occupy Madison & Occupy Milwaukee,           Take the Square WI will not hold its own event October 15.

We encourage you to participate in Occupy Madison, Occupy Milwaukee, or another event near you on October 15, 2011, an international day of action. If you would like to assist in planning future events, please contact us.
On September 17, people around the world took to the streets and squares of their communities as a unified expression of resistance. It was a day to empower people to take actions to direct our societies and governments towards social, environmental and economic justice for all. As of October 12, many of those actions continue around the world.
In Madison, Wisconsin, we returned to the Capitol Square, the symbolic intersection of Main St and Wall Street, of average people, corporations, and our government for a three day event to demand our government use our resources to provide for the needs of the people, not the demands of corporations.