Take the Square WI is part of a global day of action, set for September 17, 2011.  The Wisconsin Uprising that began in February 2011 is part of a greater global movement of people standing up for democracy and human rights. Our anger, our struggle, our values and dreams for the future are shared by people around the world. On September 17th people around the world will take to the streets and squares of their communities as a unified expression of resistance. It is a day to empower people to take actions to direct our societies and governments towards social, environmental and economic justice for all.

In Madison, we will return to the Capitol Square, the symbolic intersection of Main St and Wall Street, on September 17, 18 and 19.  We welcome all people and organizations to join together to:

  • Plan the next steps of The Wisconsin Uprising through a democratic people’s assembly
  • Organize and learn from each other during teach-ins designed to help us continue the fight to take control of our government
  • Challenge Wall Street’s influence and corporate rule of our lives
  • Reject the myth that our governments are “broke” and advocate that our government use the resources we have to provide for the needs of the people

We are the 99% and we demand our share!

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For more on actions across the globe, visit:

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