People’s General Assembly: Saturday, Sept 17th 6pm – 9pm

Teach-In & Working Groups: Sunday, Sept 18th   Noon – 6pm   

Day of Action: Monday, Sept 19th    

Location: Capitol Square, Madison, WI – rain location TBA

The People’s General Assembly – Saturday, 6-9pm

The focus of the People’s General Assembly will be the specific needs for this action, particularly Monday’s Day of Action, focusing on making a statement against corporate influence and control of our government. We will also use the Assembly as a launchpad for a plan for future action.

The People’s General Assembly is a participatory decision-making body which works towards consensus. The Assembly looks for the best arguments to make a decision that reflects every opinion – not positions at odds with each other, which often happens when votes are taken. It must be peaceable, respecting all opinions.

More information about how a people’s assembly works is available here.  In general, an Assembly should not be centered around an ideological discourse; instead it should deal with practical questions: What do we need? How can we get it? The Assembly is based on free association – if you are not in agreement with what has been decided, you are not obliged to carry it out. Every person is free to do what they wish – the Assembly tries to produce collective intelligence, and shared lines of thought and action. It encourages dialogue and getting to know one another.

Teach-Ins & Working Groups – Sunday, 12-6pm

Share knowledge and develop skills necessary to take this movement to the next level. Plan for creative non-violent actions to take place the following day. Sessions will involve both education about issues and tactics.  In addition to pre-planned sessions, the schedule will allow time for participating individuals or groups to sign up to present on a topic, issue, or action.  Session times will be announced here as they become available. Session examples include:

  • Austerity
  • Citizens United v. FEC: What It Is, Why It Matters, How We Fight It
  • Fundamentals of Nonviolent Protest
  • Fundamentals of Nonviolent Direct Action
  • How to Be a Street Medic
  • How to Support the Movement in Our Everyday Lives

If you or your organization have an idea for or are willing to present a session at the teach-in, please contact us.  Otherwise, please come to the People’s Assembly on Saturday, September 17 if you would like to sign up to present a session.

Day of Action – Monday, TBA

Coordinated, creative non-violent actions to take place at a variety of locations throughout the day. As indicated above, the People’s General Assembly on Saturday evening will be used to reach a consensus on the specific plan for this day of action.


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  1. Vicki says:

    Im in Fond du Lac, I do not drive but would like to find out if there are any supporters here in my town.

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